Kötelező óraszámon felüli nyelvoktatás 1.2. csoport2019/2020.


Currency:Euro/Text about the money/ Reading comprehension/reading for gist.The children underlined the most important thoughts and facts in the text.Their work was helped by the guiding questions on the handout.

We talked about the language learning in the EU/ Foreign language programme/Some students had experiance and information related to this programme because they  have got an acquaintance,cousin or relative who takes a part or has taken a part in this very exciting and useful foreign language learning programme.

Why is important to learn foreign languages? What makes good language learner? The children were interested in these questions.

We also talked about some learning strategies and techniques.They got some tipps how they should learn English in an effective way.We also talked about the importance of language learning.


TOGETHER LIKE BROTHERS AND SISTERS / Language teaching over compulsary English lessons Group II / November 2019  We have revised the flags of the European Union member states with a matching game.Enlarging the knowledge about the European Union/ About the European Parliament.We watched a short video about the European Parliament in Hungarian.

We have read a short extract about the essential rights for the citizens from the book called  the European Calendar.The students have discussed this theme first in pairs and then in groups of four of course in Hungarian.

To learn in Europe/Possibility of application for the youth in the European Union.

The children have collected information about the European Central  Bank (money:euro,euro cent) EMS/on the Internet.

Practising:numbers/As writing and spelling the numbers cause problems for the pupils we have practised it in a playful way.We have played bingo with numbers. This European Union lesson contained a lot of playful elements. They were the following:Game Snakes and ladders, doing a crossword about the European Union in competition,lip reading/Where are you from?What is your nationality?/. The children liked these games very much.

We listened and tried to sing the anthem of the European Union in Hungarian. But we listened to it in other  European languages,too. The children liked listening to this anthem.


TOGETHER LIKE BROTHERS AND SISTERS /Language teaching over compulsary English lessons Group I  December 2019  /The European Union/ What can you read on the label of the food? Look at the labels.We saw and read the labels of the food/for example chocolate,sweets,crisps,cocoa,soup in packet etc./Of course the Hungarian signs helped the children’s work.They were very motivated in this activity. We have read and talked about the consumers’ protection in the European Union. The European Calendar helped our work.

Hungarian schools take part in the European Union School Fruit and School Vegetable Programme. So does our school.The children get apples every week.The following  proverb expresses well and it can be a very good motto of the healthy way of life:AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY.The children knew/ this proverb in Hungarian,so it was easy to understand what it means. They have got a Hungarian exercise-book with interesting descriptions and informative statements plus it contains a crossword with a summary. We have made use of this information in our workshop.Without leftovers:We have read  about this thing from a broushure with the following title:Against wasting food.The students have practised the following grammatical structure: should/shouldn’t and must/mustn’t.

We have read and gained some information about the European Commission and the president of the European Commission with the help of the Internet.

My students got to know Brussels the capital of the European Union and its geographical features. They have made a power point presentation about Brussels and the next lesson they presented it to the group.


TOGETHER LIKE BROTHERS AND SISTERS /Language teaching over compulsary English lessons Group II /  January 2020  Pieces of informations about the European Union /Neighbourhood politics in Europe/ How does it work?/ Neighbourhood politics in practice.These were the main thoughts. The children’s geographical knowledge was very useful in this topic.

The children pointed to the borders of Hungary on the map.We revised the names of the countries.

The students have found the correct flags and put them into the map of Europe.

It was enlarged the students’vocabulary in the area of  History and Geography.

logical and creative thinking and cooperative techniques were developed.

We have read jokes about EU countries/ Do you understand why these jokes are humorous?

Time capsule: What do you think of the future of Europe?/ Share your ideas.(We talked about it in Hungarian.)

Social customs/Social language.Social language in authentic dialogues.

The students repeated the simple dialogues step by step in the sentences after the speakers of the CD player.

Reading and writing dates/ Important political dates in the history of the European Union.

Social customs in the given EU country/Each group choose a country and write about it some sentences.

Social language: Conversational expressions/ Conversational starters.

Short conversations/ Listening comprehension/Choose the right answer.

Task:Revising EU knowledge with a short test in Hungarian.

Developing speaking,writing,reading and listening skills.

Work forms: frontal,individual, group and pair work.


Kötelező óraszámon felüli nyelvoktatás 1.2. csoport 2019.

TOGETHER LIKE BROTHERS AND SISTERS /Language teaching over compulsary English lessons /Group I/  January-February 2019  Saver Internet using /Topic: Basics rules of Internet using, IT vocabulary.

Some top tipps about safer using of chat rooms.The students talked about this theme in groups.

We used the following grammatical structures: Must/musn’t/should/shouldn’t in sentences

Discussion: What techno gadget are popular in Hungary? Discussion was very interesting for the students.

How often and why do you use your computer?The children asked some questions and answered them not only in English but also in Hungarian.

Let’s listen to the song called’Gadget freak’. It was a funny song.First they tried to complete the text of the song in pairs then they checked it listening to the song on  the CD player.

IT vocabulary was collected from the world of the Internet. The pupils met some words and expressions in the ICT lessons.

Our students got to know some abbriviations from the world of the Internet.

Vocabulary games were played with crosswords.

We tried to use different dictionaries correctly and logically/ printed and web dictionaries.

Making their  own IT picture dictionary was an extra homework for the students.

Guessing games with definitions meant challange for our students but they liked them.

It is very important to develop the students’ digital competence and their digital culture because of their future. Nowadays searching,evaluating,analyzing,sharing and selection of information play an important role in our life, so we should reach that students can use the internet safely and in creative way.


TOGETHER LIKE BROTHERS AND SISTERS /Language teaching over compulsary English Lessons Group II March –April 2019  Saver Internet using /Topics: Words and expressions related to communication

The students active vocabulary developed with the help of different word formations (for example: educate-education, exam-examination,teach-teacher etc.)Of course they used these formations in sentences.

We have played the game named vocab race. It was played with the words of IT world.

Apologizing was used in situations.These situations were acted out in pair work.

We revised the English question words because of they are very important in the point of view of the real communication.

The language of emails and text messages are frequently used by the students therefore we have collected the common expressions and phrases.The children have written  an email to their friends /Their task was writing an invitation to their  school for a cultural event/They had to pay attention to language usage and spelling. I gave the students some writing tipps and we collected some useful expressions in brainstorming. At the end of the lesson my students have read out their emails.


TOGETHER LIKE BROTHERS AND SISTERS /Language teaching over compulsary English lessons Group I/  May-June 2019  Saver Internet using/ Illegal Internet downloadings.

Are you worried about your sister or brother? Let’s write some pieces of advice for her/him connected with using Internet correctly.

Listening comprehension/Matching pictures and sentences.The students had to decide if the statement was true or false after listening the text.

Practising Present Progressive Tense by picture description. First we revised the using and forming of the present progressive tense with some sentences / affirmative,negative,interrogative forms/.These activities mainly developed the students’speaking and listening skills.

Main purposes were the following:

-teaching of critical and ethical internet using

-giving patterns for separating:information,educational games,videos and films on safe websites

-correct using of community pages

-correspondence: avoiding of abusive language/not using insulting words

-giving useful websites for downloading (helping guideline for learning)

– encourage students for doing power point presentations

– announce harmful online contests which offend against the minors’ rights

We have talked about these important point of view of saver Internet using not only in one lesson but more times.


Kötelező óraszámon felüli nyelvoktatás 1.2. csoport 2018.

TOGETHER LIKE BROTHERS AND SISTERS /Language teaching over compulsary English lessons / Group I /  September-October 2018 / Healthy way of life/ Topic: The food pyramid was illustrated by drawings and pictures in their Student’s book.(Get to the top 3/.

The students have read about the food pyramid/The questions were answered by the students in groups.The photo and the chart in the book helped  understanding of the food pyramid visually,too.

The children have done  a project about the food pyramid. The illustrations in their book helped their work.They could choose their partners in this activity.

Names of dishes/ Special dishes/ Would you taste them? The students got information from a special gastronomical book.They got to know some special English recipies and food.

Short dialogues for situation of offering food and drinks.These short dialogues are parts of everyday English life.

Practising in dialogues: Would you like a sandwich?/ Would you like a cup of tea?/ Yes, please./ No, thanks.

Tasks: Developing reading, speaking and listening  skills and creativ

Work forms: frontal, individual, group and pair work

Gap filling with given words/ Types of words are food, drinks/ Reading out in pairs/this exercise revised the words have already learnt.


TOGETHER LIKE BROTHERS AND SISTERS / Language teaching over compulsary English lessons / Group II / November-December 2018  Healthy way of life: topic/ Sports and famous sport men and women.

Classification of sports/indoor sports and outdoor sports.The students had to group the indoor and the outdoor sports into a chart.

Ball games were presented in activities.Some of the children played the sports and the others guessed them.

Other types of sports were shown in interactive way.

Have you got a favourite and famous sport person? What’s his/her name?

The students have searched pieces of information on the Net.After that they shared this information between each other.

Word formation connected with sports ( for example:swim- swimmer, tennis-tennis player,cycle-cyclist etc.)The given handout helped their work.

Keep fit! Reading comprehension.The text was a short extract from an English boy’s life. The students compared their life with the English boy’s life and they asked each other the following questions:  Do you like doing sports?What sport do you go in for?

My task was enlarging  the children’s vocabulary was completed successfully.

Developing reading and speaking skills and highlighting information were among the aims.

Work forms: frontal, pair and  individual work


Kötelező óraszámon felüli nyelvoktatás 1.2. csoport 2018.


Language teaching over compulsary English lessons /Group I/ March-April 2018


The students have learnt the names of fruit and vegetables with flashcards. They drew them and worked in pairs asking questions about the fruits and vegetables,too.The children enjoed the game named Stone, Paper, Scissors. This funny game was played by the flashcards. In this way they enlarged their active vocabulary  Healthy and unhealthy food (Healthy Harry and Junk Food Jack: What do they eat?) These funny names helped the children to understand the difference between the healthy and unhealthy food. Of course the students talked about this theme in English and Hungarian, too. – Encouraging children to concious nutrition to protect their health is an important thing. Presentation was happened by posters and pictures. The children enjoyed these  lessons,so the lessons have reached their goals.



TOGETHER LIKE BROTHERS AND SISTERS / Language teaching over compulsary English Lessons / Group II/  May-June 2018   /Healthy way of life: Current affair: Water World Day/ Motto:Water is the source of life

Why is the water so important in our life? Proverbs in English and Hungarian related to water in cultural aspect. Some pupils made a little presentation about the importance of the water in our life. Of course we discussed this important fact not only in English but also in Hungarian language. The students were active and motivated in this activity.They said their opinion bravely. The proverbs were very interesting for our students,because they can see and understand the cultural difference between the British and Hungarian culture.The children tried to illustrate the proverbs with their drawings.At the end of the lesson they put together the questions with the answers in groups.After that they read aloud the sentence pairs.The achievement of the whole group was good.I was satisfied with the children’s creativity and their communication skill.

Chain work: I went to the market to buy…In the market: It was a chain work with the names of fruit and vegetables. It was a very good exercise for training the students’ memory.

Speaking activities for shopping in the market.These activities were simple and before doing it our students listened to short authentic dialogues.

Crossword with definitions/fruit, vegetables,dairy products,meat/ is very popular with the children. We played the game Picture dictation.One of the pupils started to draw a picture on the  board and the others guessed what it is.



Kötelező óraszámon felüli nyelvoktatás 2020.01.

  1. januárban a foglalkozások témája az európai kultúra volt. Ennek kapcsán megismerkedtünk a különböző népcsoportok népviseletével, életstílusaival, ünnepeikkel.

Felfedeztük a magyar és más európai kultúra hasonlóságait és különbségeit.

Összeségében nagyon sikeresnek érzem az eltelt időszakot az angol nyelv elsajátítása és az angol nyelvtanuláshoz való hozzáállása szempontjából. A feladatok összeállításában szerepet kapott a szókincsbővítés, nyelvtani ismeretek gyakorlása, szóbeli kifejezőkészség fejlesztése. A tevékenységekben egyaránt jelen voltak a tehetséges tanulók, az egyéni bánásmódot igénylő. sajátos nevelési igényű tanulók is. Pármunkában és csoportmunkában is jól együtt tudtak dolgozni. A program diákjainak idegen nyelvi kompetenciáját. egyéni képességeit. készségeit nagymértékben fejlesztette.

Kötelező óraszámon felüli nyelvoktatás 2019.3.4. csoport

  1. novemberi és decemberi foglalkozások a megszerzett ismeretek összefoglalásával, rendszerezésével, ismétlésével telt.

Szituációs gyakorlatokat játszottunk. Az eddig tanult témaköröket elevenítettük fel: utazás, vásárlás, nyelvtanulás, család, iskola, egészéges ételek, sportok, ünnepek, földrajzi ismeretek, szabadidős tevékenységek.

Megismerkedtünk a levélírás alapszabályaival és levelet írtak a tanult szempontok alapján.

Nyelvtani szempontból a módbeli segédigékkel foglalkoztunk és sok íráskészséget fejlesztő gyakorlatokat végeztünk. Sokszor az egyszerű mondatok fordítása is nehézséget okozott, de segítséggel mindenkinek sikerült készséget szerezni ebben a feladatkörben.


Kötelező óraszámon felüli nyelvoktatás 2019.-3.4. csoport

 2019.szeptemberi és októberi foglalkozások alkalmával a biztonságos internethasználatról beszélgettünk. Elmondták az internettel kapcsolatos tapasztalataikat és nagyon sok videót néztünk meg ebben a témában.

Több alkalommal is fókuszáltunk az önismereti szavak gyűjtésére a szókincsbővítést szem előtt tartva.  „Hogyan érzed magad?” „Mikor vagy boldog és szomorú?” „Ha problémád van kinek mondod el?” Megbeszéltük, hogy mennyire fontos az, hogy merjenek segítséget kérni, ha szükségük van rá.

Nyelvtani szempontból a tanult igeidők gyakorlására fektettünk sok időt. A lehetőségekhez mérten igyekeztünk az interneten fellelhető feladatokból válogatni. Ennek kapcsán felismerték, hogy milyen sok lehetőséget ad az internet a nyelvtanulás otthoni gyakorlására is.

Kötelező óraszámon felüli nyelvoktatás 2019.3.4. csoport

A 2019.május és június hónapban több témát is érintettünk. Átismételtük az Európai Unióról szerzett ismereteinket. Vetélkedőt rendeztünk.

Az emberi tulajdonságokkal foglalkoztunk. Az ember külső és belső jellemzőinek összeszedésével megvizsgáltuk, hogy milyen emberek vesznek körül minket. Az emberi kapcsolatok fontosságáról, a helyes viselkedésről, helyes nyelvhasználatról beszéltünk.

A nyári szünet közeledtével újra témánk lett az utazás, a szabadidő, táborok. Ötleteket gyűjtöttünk a szünet aktív és pihentető eltöltésére. A környezeti tényezőket is becsempészve a témába beszéltünk arról, hogy hogyan viselkedünk strandon és vízparton magunk és mások biztonsága érdekében.

Nyelvtani szempontból a jövő időt, a számokat, az évszámokat, a dátumokat gyakoroltuk.

A szóbeli kommunikációban sokat fejlődtek, de az írásbeli, helyesírási képességeik további fejlesztésre szorulnak.

Kötelező óraszámon felüli nyelvoktatás 2019.-3.4. csoport

  1. márciusában az egészséges életmód témájának részeként a sportokat és a mozgásformákat vettük át. Híres sportolókról és népszerű sportágakról kerestek információkat az internet segítségével. A tanulókat különösen érdekelte a téma. Az olimpiai játékokból összeállított kvíz nagyon tetszett nekik. Kedvenc csapataikról és sportolóikról szívesen olvastak angol nyelvű honlapokon. A sport izgalmas világával összekapcsoltuk az egészséges ételek és italok témáját. Megbeszéltük, mit érdemes enni és hogyan maradhatok fitt.

Áprilisban fő témaként a környezetvédelmet emeltük ki. Megállapítottuk, hogy a környezettudatos szemlélet nagyban segíti jövőnk alakulását. Az európai országok közül Lengyelországgal és azon belül Tarnow-val, testvértelepülésünkkel ismerkedtünk meg.

Kötelező óraszámon felüli nyelvoktatás 2019.-3.4. csoport

A 2019.január hónap első foglalkozása a téli szünet élményeiről szólt. A karácsonyi események felidézésével a múlt idejű mondatok szerkesztését gyakoroltuk. A heti foglalkozások témája a biztonságos internet használata volt.

A számítógéphez és az internethez kapcsolódó szavakkal ismerkedtünk.” Mit csinálsz a számítógépeden?” kérdés kapcsán felmérést készítettünk ki mire használja az internetet.

Ebből kiderült, hogy elsősorban közösségi oldalakon böngésznek, zenét hallgatnak, videókat néznek és internetes áruházakban vásárolnak. Szeretnek prezentációkat készíteni az órákra.

Nyelvtani szempontból a folyamatos jelen időt gyakoroltuk képek leírása kapcsán.

Február hónapban a szenvedélybetegségekről beszélgettünk. Csoportokban plakátokat készítettek. Megbeszéltük, hogy hogyan lehet elkerülni, kimaradni és megelőzni az ilyen betegségeket.

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